Our world is changing. In this day and age, we are now forced to think about much more than just locking our doors. From home invasion to church and movie theater shootings, from criminal elements to world-wide terrorism, or from “random” violence to a changing culture that has become desensitized to brutality, we all face the decision to either be prepared or naively hope it doesn’t happen to us.

At LoneStarTactical.com, we are dedicated to equipping and training law-abiding citizens to help them obtain their concealed handgun license, and to empower them to better protect their family and friends.

In addition to Texas Department of Public Safety Certified CHL Instruction, we also provide training in the areas of self defense including firearms training, tactical pistol/handgun training, knife and gun defense, and personal protection.

As a mobile training company, we hold regular classes in Arlington and all surrounding areas.

If you are looking for the best instruction and information at a price that won’t break the organizational or personal budget, we are here to serve you. It is our mission to help you protect yourself and your loved ones and to take your personal skills and knowledge to the next level.